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De-Cluttering & Organizing
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We specialize in de-cluttering any area in your home that causes stress, or is difficult to address. This is particularly helpful with the process of downsizing. We can help you determine which items to keep, and which items to let go. Then properly organizing and displaying those items which are most important to you. Home organization can be accomplished in any room of the house, including attics, basements, garages, and sheds.

House Clear Outs & Moving Assistant
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We are able to monetize items which can be sold; we itemize & transport items for donation; and we can remove the rest either to the transfer station or into a contracted dumpster. This includes the safe removal of old pianos, pool tables, refrigerators, and more! We can help with home staging ideas, provide a checklist for mail forwarding & utility disconnecting/reconnecting, and aid with packing. We are also able to help with space planning, unpacking, and removing boxes/packing material in the new home. Basic home cleaning, prior to putting a house on the market, can be provided as well.

Cosmetic Home Improvements
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As a licensed & insured home improvement contractor, here are some of the services we offer: interior painting, remove and replace plumbing & electrical fixtures, drywall repair, removal of wall-to-wall carpeting, and basic exterior landscaping. We can also build shelving in basements, closets, garages, or sheds. Keeping items off the floor potentially saves them from unexpected damage, and facilitates better cleaning practices. We can advise which storage containers are most practical, itemizing and labeling the contents whenever necessary. Please let us know if there is cosmetic updating you would like done, and we will try to accommodate.  

Paper Management
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Scanning and backing up your most important documents (Insurance policies, birth certificates, SS cards, licenses, letters, passports, wills, etc). This will be done at your residence. Plus we offer on-site shredding of sensitive documents, bills, letters, or papers.

Photo / Media Organization & Preservation
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Help preserve your pictures and most important documents by scanning them on to digital media. Don't let unexpected damage or deterioration destroy these valuable items. The digital images can be transferred to your computer, and on to back-up media such as a disc and flash drive. We can complete the entire process at your residence with our commercial grade scanner, or take them off-site if this is more practical. This will allow you to share pictures more easily, and pass them on to future generations. We may even be able to enhance or enlarge some photos. Welcome to the digital era!

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